Jamf launches Jamf Safe Internet for Microsoft Windows ensuring students are safe on all devices



Jamf Safe Internet is a comprehensive content filtering solution optimized for education to provide a safer online experience and is now available for Windows

MINNEAPOLIS, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Jamf (NASDAQ:JAMF) announced it Jamf Safe Internet, a complete content filtering and web security solution optimized for education, is now available on Microsoft Windows. Jamf Safe Internet is designed to help schools protect students from harmful Internet content, inappropriate websites, and phishing attacks, while also enabling administrators to enforce acceptable use policies in a transparent manner.

At Jamf, we believe in the safety of students, staff and educational organizations no matter what platform they are on. Whether you’re using Android, Google or Windows devices alongside your Apple fleet, keeping students safe on the internet is paramount, said Suraj Mohandas, vice president of strategy, Jamf. With Jamf Safe Internet’s best-in-class network threat prevention and extensive content filtering database, optimized for education, students can now learn online safely from anywhere, no matter what device they’re using. We are excited to continue working with Microsoft to help keep students safe.

Empower students while keeping them safe
Jamf Safe Internet ensures students have a safe and secure online learning environment from the moment they unbox their device. With Jamf Safe Internet, administrators are able to enforce acceptable use policies without sacrificing the learning experience by providing:

  • Content control in one click: Jamf Safe Internet allows teachers and IT administrators to customize the level of content control that suits each classroom and can prevent harmful and inappropriate content from reaching student devices. This protection is powered by Jamfs content filtering and web-based threat prevention technologies.

  • An ongoing commitment to privacy protection: Jamf’s privacy-friendly approach provides a safe online environment for students of all ages, giving schools enough information to keep students safe. Jamf is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable privacy regulations and has signed the Commitment to student privacyemphasizing its commitment to protecting student information.

  • Protection from growing malware and phishing attacks: In addition to content filtering, Jamf Safe Internet also provides institutions with robust phishing and malware protection, safeguarding networks from increasingly sophisticated attacks that can impact student learning.

With the rise of technology-focused learning, so are opportunities for students to learn anywhere, at home or simply in new spaces around the school, creating a blended learning opportunity and greater independence. Jamf Safe Internet works beyond the school network to keep students safe wherever they choose to learn.

At a time when the safety and security of our students’ online presence is one of our top priorities, we wanted to partner not only with a name we trusted, but also with a philosophy we could support, said Tom Foster, director of technology at St. Paul’s Schools of the Cross. Jamf has enabled our teams to easily and effectively manage and secure our devices, as well as filter content in one place at half the cost of previous providers.

To request a free trial of Jamf Safe Internet, visit: https://www.jamf.com/request-trial/jamf-safe-internet/

Growing collaboration with Microsoft
The strong historical partnership between Jamf and Microsoft has created solutions to improve management and security capabilities for organizations using Apple and Microsoft technologies. This collaboration aims to enable IT and security teams to seamlessly integrate Mac, iPad and iPhone devices into the Microsoft ecosystem, providing a unified and streamlined experience. By combining Jamf’s expertise in Apple device management and security with Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of productivity and security tools, organizations can streamline their workflows, increase productivity, and ensure a seamless user experience on both platforms.

  • Improved management and security for organizations with a Microsoft environment: Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect integrated with Azure Active Directory enable organizations to securely control device access and data security. By enforcing Microsoft’s Conditional Access policies on macOS, iOS and iPadOS devices, companies can implement real-time remediation workflows to protect corporate data, no matter where an employee and their device are located.

  • Seamlessly monitor and protect Apple devices through the Microsoft Sentinel platform: The integration between Jamf Protect and Microsoft Sentinel allows IT and security teams to monitor and respond to security events on their Apple fleet directly in the Microsoft Sentinel dashboard. A unified view of security events across all endpoints means faster response times and a stronger overall security posture.

  • Make sure corporate data is only accessible by trusted users on trusted devices: Microsoft Conditional Access with Jamf Pro enforces Conditional Access policies across all user devices by combining the power of unified endpoint management and Conditional Access in EMS with the device management capabilities of Jamfs. Because these solutions integrate, IT can leverage the management power of each ecosystem with the simplicity of inventory reporting in a single pane of glass.

  • Involvement in MISA: As a result of our security-focused integrations, Jamf was recently announced as a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (I THINK SO). MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers who have integrated their security solutions with Microsoft. Jamfs membership expanded rapidly, recognizing additional product integrations that, when combined, enable organizations to gain secure access with Jamf and Microsoft. This will enable deeper collaboration and partnership, building innovative security solutions for our customers with Apple environments.

About Jamf
Jamf’s mission is to make work easier by helping organizations manage and secure an Apple experience that end users love and trust. Jamf is the only company in the world that provides a comprehensive security and management solution for an Apple first environment that is secure for the enterprise, simple for the consumer, and protects personal privacy. To find out more, visit www.jamf.com.

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