I quit my job to sell adorable stickers on the internet

I love the stickers. Admittedly, I have nowhere to put them, leaving me with a cluttered pile of cute looking vinyl stickers tucked away in a drawer. But there’s nothing I love more than ordering something on the Internet and having a few stickers thrown in as a free gift or securing some awesome hand-drawn ones at anime and gaming conventions.

I’ve always been envious of those who can draw – my talent lies more in the written word than illustrations – and I’ve spent several hours scrolling through numerous pages of Etsy admiring the sheer talent of its artists. I want it for me! I want to be a beautiful artistic queen, selling funny stickers of boba drinking pandas and top hat wearing capybaras riding a witch’s broom around the Earth. I want to intricately cram as many copies of my project as possible onto a single sheet of paper, carefully cropping each one and storing them in an organized office that would make TikTok proud.

A collection of stickers comes inside a cardboard box that is ready to pack.

(Image credit: Spellgarden Games)

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be artistically inclined enough to make that dream come true in the real world, but hey, that’s what video games are for, right? Escapism, living out your fantasies, all that jazz. So fuck it, I’ll play Sticky Business and forget I’m a reporter for a few hours. Why not?! Let me live vicariously through Spellgarden’s cozy creative management sim.

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Image Source : www.pcgamer.com

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