Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is trying to save the internet

In 2022, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey left the company. One of his new projects, Bluesky, is a social media app it seems Exactly like Twitter. The difference? Bluesky promises an unprecedented level of control over your scrolling experience. The goal, essentially, is to undo all of Dorsey’s self-described mistakes, fixing social media and perhaps, hopefully, … Read more

Students Use the Internet of Things to Connect, Inspire | Cornell Chronicle

Six weeks into Professor Max Zhang’s Internet of Things (IoT) course, he holds a graduation ceremony, complete with music, certificates and photos because, after an intensive course on how to build, code and extract data from sensors, students are ready for the next goal of the courses: helping the community. The course asks students to … Read more

Why Pakistan shut down the internet – BBC News

May 12, 2023 Image caption, A supporter of former Prime Minister Imran Khan throws tear gas during clashes with security forces in Karachi The battle between Imran Khan’s supporters and Pakistan’s mighty military has raged this week on two fronts: in the streets and on social media. And on a battlefield, the former prime minister … Read more

How to Access the Hidden Internet Browser on Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is full of surprises and can be used for many different things. Like watching YouTube, using a calculator and, of course, playing video games. But did you know that Nintendo Switch has a hidden internet browser? You won’t find Internet Browser as an app on the eShop or even in the system … Read more

It Ruined My Livelihood: Pakistan’s Internet Shutdown Affects Millions

Mohammed Faisal, a food delivery boy in Karachi, has lost 6,000 rupees ($20) in the past three days. The 26-year-old relies on the WhatsApp messaging service to receive and track the locations of his food orders. He uses his trusty motorbike and a smartphone with mobile broadband internet to navigate the main roads, narrow streets … Read more

PR provocateur Ed Zitron: Big Tech and advertising broke the Internet beyond repair

An interview withEd ZitronFounder and CEO Ed Zitron will speak at the AdExchangers programmatic IO conference on May 16-17 in Las Vegas.Click here to sign up. As a PR consultant for tech companies, Ed Zitron has seen a few things. He knows where the bodies are buried and is happy to point them out. Zitron … Read more

Cryptocurrencies are reaching the edge of disillusionment. Like the Internet, its next phase will be better

At the height of the cryptocurrency hype, proponents proclaimed that it would solve every problem under the sun. Artur WidakNurPhoto/Getty Images In November 2001, the New York Times declared: Dot-com is gone, and with it the dream. Three years later, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room. The rise, fall, and eventual resurgence … Read more