Radisson Hotel Group

Radisson Hotel Group

Table of Contents Exploring the Luxury Amenities of Radisson Hotel Group The Global Impact of Radisson Hotel Group’s Sustainability Initiatives Understanding the Unique Branding Strategy of Radisson Hotel Group Radisson Hotel Group’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic The Role of Radisson Hotel Group in Boosting Global Tourism Q&A “Experience Unmatched Hospitality with Radisson Hotel Group.” … Read more

iOS 17: Over 10 new features in the Messages app

Apple made a number of changes to the Messages app in iOS 17, introducing a new look, updated sticker functionality, and important new safety features that help people traveling alone feel safer. This guide highlights all the features Apple is adding to Messages in ‌iOS 17‌. Design updates Apple has updated the design of Messages … Read more

Light-based LiFi is incredibly fast, remarkably fragile, and now standardized by Ars Technica

Zoom in / “I can’t believe the quality of this 8K video tutorial! It’s like you’re really Ted, could you, yeah, move around there a bit? You’re blocking thanks.” LiFi.Co Light is almost certainly the fastest thing out there. So it makes sense that “light-based wireless communications” or LiFi could blow the theoretical doors of … Read more

7 technological ways to make walking more pleasant

Walking isn’t just man’s original means of transportation, an age-old pastime, or the go-to exercise for anyone who wants something simple and low-impact. This humble yet powerful activity can also have a huge positive effect on your physical and mental well-being. If you struggle to find pleasure in walking but want to do it more, … Read more

AT&T will roll out network technology to help 5G battery life | Light reading

5G devices have long suffered from relatively poor battery life compared to 4G and 3G gadgets. The situation was important enough for iPhone maker Apple to install a setting within its iOS operating system that allows users to funnel their traffic from 5G to preserve phone battery life. iPhone screen More recently, network monitoring firm … Read more

Google Pixel: Ultimate Tips and Tricks

Google’s Pixel phones have several software features that you might not find on other phones, especially when it comes to areas like language translation, answering calls, and editing photos. If you’re a new Pixel owner, it can be hard to know where to start. Google currently sells five different Pixel models: $349 Pixel 6A, $499 … Read more

What is the Instagram Threads app? All your questions answered

Image credits: Natalie Christman, Alyssa Stringer / Screen Over the past few months, Twitter alternatives new and old have found an audience willing to try out a new text-based social network. Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill and T2 are some of the social media platforms that people are trying out. Now, Meta has jumped into the game … Read more

The public beta of watchOS 10 is now available: 7 new Apple Watch features to try first

The public beta of watchOS 10 is out now, meaning anyone with a compatible Apple Watch and iPhone can test out new software features in the latest version of Apple’s wearable operating system. Ahead of the public beta launch, we spoke with Apple about the watchOS 10 developer APIs that will power some of the … Read more