Because these 3 titles are the best ways to play quantum computing right now

Sometimes, even the most boring actions can hold the greatest potential. Look at quantum computer stocks to buy, for example. With it, we can solve complex calculations at high speed.

Japanese bank MUFG recently invested in a quantum computing company, looking to use the technology for complex transactions with derivatives trading and asset risk management. Also Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently claimed that its quantum computer can perform calculations in an instant, “which would take the world’s most powerful supercomputers a whopping 47 years to complete,” as noted by the Daily Mail.

It could even help reduce the need for human and animal testing. Quantum computing can even help accelerate funding and data speeds. It may also be able to help with climate change issues and the potential discovery of CO2 catalysts. No wonder the industry could one day be worth an estimated $700 billion by 2035, according to a report by McKinsey.

That said, here are some of the best quantum computer stocks to buy now.

IonQ Inc. (IONQ)

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The first time I mentioned quantum computing stockIonQ (NYSE:IONQ extension), I noticed, “Works with Amazonia (NASDAQ:AMZ extension) to port the 25-qubit IonQ Aria to Amazon Bracket, or Amazon Web Service for quantum computing. This means Amazon can now work on developing software and services on IonQ computers more easily than before.”

At the time, IONQ was trading at just $4.56 on March 13. Shares of IONQ climbed to $14.72 today and could see higher highs. Better yet, the company just raised its 2023 booking estimates by 25% to a new range of $45 million to $55 million.

In mid, the company expects more than 100% growth in bookings year-over-year. This follows news of IONQ’s agreement to install two quantum systems in Europe.

Defiance Quantum ETF (QTUM)

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On March 13, I also mentioned the opportunities to buy Quantum Computing ETFs, including the Defiance Quantum ETF (NYSEARCA:QTUM).

At the time, it was trading at $44.30. It is now touching nearly $51.43 and could see higher highs. With an expense ratio of 0.4%, the ETF provides exposure to companies at the cutting edge of cloud computing, quantum computing, machine learning and other transformative information technologies, at a relatively low cost.

Some of his major holdings include Wipro srl (NYSE:INGENIOUS), Accenture SpA (NYSE:AC extension), IBM(NYSE:IBM), Micron technology (NASDAQ:MU), Nokia Corp. (NYSE:NOK), AND ON Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ:ON). If you were to buy each of these stocks individually, it would cost significantly more than the ETF’s $51.43 price tag.


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No list of quantum computer stocks to buy is complete Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA extension) in these days. He’s already involved with artificial intelligence, machine learning and pretty much everything related to technology.

When I included Nvidia in my list of Quantum Computing stocks to buy on March 13, it was trading at $229.65. Now it comes in at about $440 a share and it’s blowing up. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked to see NVDA at $500 by September 2023. Impressively, when it comes to quantum computing, NVDA could also be a leader here.

Remember, NVDA has released cuQuantum, a software development kit (SDK) of libraries and tools optimized to accelerate quantum computing workflows. Additionally, with NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, developers can use cuQuantum to speed up quantum circuit simulations based on state vectors and tensor network methods by orders of magnitude, as noted by the company.

In July, it also announced “a unified computing platform to accelerate advances in quantum research and development in AI, HPC, health, finance and other disciplines. And as noted by Investor Place contributor Joel Baglole, “Without Nvidia’s technology, much of the improvement in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and other areas of science wouldn’t be possible.”

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