Amazon unveils plans for $120 million satellite computing facility for its Internet constellation – Spaceflight Now

A rendering of Amazon’s proposed satellite processing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The 100,000-square-foot facility will be used to prepare satellites for its Internet constellation Project Kuiper for launch aboard rockets from ULA and Blue Origin. On Friday, online retail giant amazon will join members of Space Florida to reveal its plans for a … Read more

OLCF and Stony Brook: Using HPC Simulations to Discover How Cicada Wings Kill Bacteria – Performance Computing News Analysis | insideHPC

Over the past decade, teams of engineers, chemists and biologists have analyzed the physical and chemical properties of cicada wings, hoping to unlock the secret to their ability to kill microbes on contact. If this function of nature can be replicated by science, it could lead to products with inherently antibacterial surfaces that are more … Read more

Leading global companies involved in the drug discovery and development market| Business Outlook, Critical Insights, Opportunities, Regional Overview, Business Strategies & Industry Size Forecast to 2030 | JSR Corporation (Crown Bioscience), Chemical Computing Group ULC

Increasing Demand of Drug Discovery and Development Market Overview 2023-2030: The latest version of WMR titled New market for drug discovery and development Research Report 2023-2030 (By Product Type, End User/Application, and Regions/Countries) provides in-depth assessment of Drug Discovery and Development including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers , challenges, regulatory policies, profiles and … Read more

Because these 3 titles are the best ways to play quantum computing right now

Sometimes, even the most boring actions can hold the greatest potential. Look at quantum computer stocks to buy, for example. With it, we can solve complex calculations at high speed. Japanese bank MUFG recently invested in a quantum computing company, looking to use the technology for complex transactions with derivatives trading and asset risk management. … Read more

Edge Computing and Cloud Computing: Exploring the Key Differences

The rise of cloud computing has opened up a world of opportunity. However, that’s not the only form of remote computing. Cloud computing has a lesser known cousin called edge computing. While there are similarities between the two concepts, there are stark differences in how they work and the purposes they serve. However, together these … Read more

Scale Computing celebrates System Administrator Appreciation Day with “Blaze Your Trail” campaign.

The company gives away hiking packs and Gartner Report Through August 4th INDIANAPOLIS, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Scale calculationa market leader in edge computing, virtualization and hyperconvergence solutions, today announced its new “Blaze Your Trail” campaign, a celebration in honor of the upcoming 24th anniversary System Administrator (SysAdmin) Appreciation Day. ON Friday 28 July … Read more

Association for Computing Machinery boasts strong impact factor performance in the latest release

image: Journals from ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, once again had an impressive showing in Clarivate’s latest Journal Citation Reports issue, with notable performances across the portfolio and fifteen journals receiving their first impact factors, including four titles of the groundbreaking ACM Program Proceedings (PACM). visualization Moreover Credit: Association for Computing Machinery Journals from … Read more

Exascale: Searching for Clean Energy Catalysts with Aurora – Performance Computing News Analysis | insideHPC

Aurora supercomputer Argonne National Laboratory announced that researchers are developing exascale software tools to enable the design of new chemicals and chemical processes for clean energy production. Argonne is building one of the nation’s first exascale systems, Aurora. To prepare the codes for the architecture and scale of the new supercomputer, 15 research groups are … Read more

Quantum Computing Inc. Receives Third NASA Subcontract Award

A second NASA research facility subcontracts Quantum Computing Inc. to build a photonic sensor to accurately assess the composition of atmospheric particulate matter LEESBURG, Va., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: QUBT), a market-first nanophotonics-based quantum technology company, today announces a subcontract awarded by the Bay Area Environmental … Read more

Physicists work to prevent information loss in quantum computing

Open quantum phononics based on engineered SAWqubit interaction. Credit: Nature communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-39682-0 Nothing exists in a vacuum, but physicists often wish it didn’t. If the systems studied by scientists could be completely isolated from the outside world, things would be much simpler. Take quantum computing. It’s a field that’s already attracting billions of … Read more