No, NASA Didn’t Send a Probe to Stop the ‘Internet Apocalypse’

The claim: NASA sent the Parker Solar Probe on a mission to prevent an internet apocalypse A June 26 Facebook post (direct link, archive link) contains a video titled “This Means We’re About to Experience Internet Blackout!” Family, I hope you are ready as there will be no internet connection coming soon,” a man says. … Read more

Can Artificial Intelligence Stop San Francisco’s Tech Exodus?

Addict turned activist Tom Wolf discusses solutions to San Francisco’s drug and homelessness problems on Varney & Co. San Francisco has struggled in recent years, but there is hope that artificial intelligence can restore it for a third “gold rush”. Much — not all — of the world-renowned tech hub’s problems have been caused by … Read more

Adobe tells Congress to give artists the right to stop AI training on their creative work

FOX Business host Charles Payne reacts to new AI abilities on ‘Making Money’. A senior Adobe representative told Congress on Wednesday that the company supports giving artists the right to prevent AI systems from being trained on their creative work and indicated that it would support a new Congressional bill on that issue. In a … Read more