OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, signs an agreement with AP to license the news

NEW YORK (AP) ChatGPT maker OpenAI and The Associated Press said Thursday they have struck a deal with the AI ​​company to license AP’s news archive. The deal sees OpenAI license part of AP’s text archive, while AP will leverage OpenAI’s technology and product expertise, the two organizations said in a joint statement. The price … Read more

Sarah Silverman and the novelists sue OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, for ingesting their books

Ask ChatGPT about comedian Sarah Silverman’s memoir The Bedwetter and the AI ​​chatbot can provide a detailed synopsis of each part of the book. Does that mean he actually read and stored a pirated copy? Or has he garnered enough customer reviews and online chatter about the bestseller or the musical it inspired that he … Read more

New Jersey Governor Considers 5-Year Extension of Internet Gambling

TRENTON, NJ (AP) A bill a expand Internet gambling in New Jersey it is in the hands of Governor Phil Murphy for another five years, following its approval on Friday by the state legislature. The measure passed the state Assembly and Senate with minimal opposition from lawmakers, and is now moving to action by the … Read more

New Jersey Casinos Want 10 More Years of Internet Gambling, But NJ Could Approve Only 2 More

TRENTON, NJ (AP) New Jersey casinos want to expand the nation’s top Internet gambling market for another 10 years, but state lawmakers could only approve it for two more years. A state assembly committee on Tuesday passed a bill that would originally have allowed gambling in online casinos until 2033. But the committee changed it … Read more