OnlyFans CEO Amrapali ‘Ami’ Gan To Leave Internet Content Subscription Services Company To Focus On Company He Founded – American Kahani

Indian-American Amrapali Ami Gan is leaving OnlyFans, a London-based internet content subscription service, to head Hoxton Projects, a marketing firm she founded. She spent nearly three years as CEO of the creator platform that supports adult content. She will be replaced by chief strategy and operations officer Keily Blair.

Spending nearly 3 years on OnlyFans as it echoed throughout the cultural zeitgeist was beyond gratifying, Gan wrote in a Twitter thread.

Gan, born in Mumbai, has spent most of her life in California, where she currently lives. She reportedly operated out of the company’s offices in Los Angeles. In your time as CEO of OnlyFans, you have achieved business goals such as prioritizing platform security, scaling the organization globally, and growing the platform’s community of fans and creators.

According to Gans’ tweet, OnlyFans has paid out $10 billion in earnings to creators and twice made FT’s list of fastest growing companies in Europe during his tenure as CEO. Lui added that creator-driven content on the platform has been growing at a steady pace, and OnlyFans also launched its own safety and transparency center when he served as CEO.

Shortly before Gan took over as CEO, OnlyFans made an infamous announcement that it would ban sexually explicit content, sending its creator community into an uproar. While this decision was eventually reversed, the creators won’t soon forget that moment of crisis, when it seemed they were doomed to once again suffer the financial consequences of leaving the platform. Buzzed

According to TechCrunch, Gans Hoxton Projects is a marketing firm reinventing the agency paradigm to support founders’ business growth.

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Prior to joining OnlyFans in 2020, Gan spent a year as VP of Marketing and Advertising at Cannabis Cafe, the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. Before that, she worked in marketing roles at various startups.

She received an Associate of Arts in Merchandise Marketing from FIDM, after which she received a Bachelor of Arts in PR and Organizational Communications from California State University. She earned her Entrepreneurship Certificate from Harvard Business School Online.

Gan has little online presence on social media platforms and no mentions in media reports prior to the recent appointment. He has his own OnlyFans account, where he shares moments from his personal and professional life with his fans.

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