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Throughout the history of cinema, there have been many great spy thrillers and action films. In some cases, however, the spies themselves have become the center of attention. A great cinematic spy can come in many different guises: some of them act and behave much like how spies actually act, while others live in worlds of suave suits and high-speed car chases.

Wherever they come from, however, these spies have forced us onto the screen for decades and often left us hungry for another adventure with them.

7. Eggsy The King

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The kingthe franchise was exciting from its inception, and Taron Egerton’s Eggsy anchored it from minute one. While it might be the craziest franchise on this list,king,and especially the first installment, it gives us a real chance to get to know Eggsy and see him become the spy he ultimately is.

Egerton, who would later show stellar work in the Elton John biopic Rocket man and the Apple TV+ show Black birdhe’s excellent in the role, totally captivating, and more than capable of pulling off the requisite range of stunts, and he and Eggsy are the reason this franchise works.

6. George Smiley Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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One of the most famous spies in literary history got a solid adaptation when Tinker Tailor Soldier Spywas released in theaters in 2011. Another film light on action but full of intrigue, this film follows Smiley as he attempts to eliminate the foreign agent working under him.

Even if it’s mostly just room conversations,Tailor Tinkerhe helps you follow every twist and turn, and Gary Oldmans Smiley is a taciturn, witty, urbane agent who feels much closer to what spies actually are like than most of the people above him on this list.

5. Alicia Huberman Notorious

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The oldest film on this list features a sort of spycraft that lacks almost entirely any action.Notoriousfollows the daughter of a German war criminal named Alicia Huberman who is recruited by an American to curry favor with a Nazi hiding out in Brazil.

Notoriousis a love story about the relationship between Alicia and her handler, but it’s also an exciting game of cat and mouse as she desperately tries to gather incriminating information about her target without getting caught herself. Thanks to director Alfred Hitchcock,Notoriouslooks as modern today as it did in the 1940s.

4. Natasha Romanoff Avengers


It took Marvel more than a decade to give Natasha Romanoff her own movie, but even before she got her own movie, she was already a compelling character. Scarlett Johansson is one of the great actresses of her generation and she gave Natasha everything she had.

From his work as part of a larger ensemble in the early Avengers films to his standout role in Marvel film avengers: Game overNat has been a loyal friend, a fierce fighter, and a person who is almost totally indifferent to the utterly wacky world she often finds herself in.

3. Jason Bourne The Bourne franchise

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Bourne doesn’t have the kind of story the first two have, but his impact is undeniable. This franchise ensured that Matt Damon would be a movie star for decades to come and also gave us three truly excellent installments before things started to fall apart.

Bourne’s sheer lethality is what helped him rise on this list, along with the fact that the action style introduced in these films ultimately influenced how the action looked for years to come. Jason Bourne doesn’t have the kind of complex character arcs of the first two, but he’s fascinating in part because he’s a blank slate.

2. Ethan Hunt Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt considers his next move in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1. Images of primary importance

The firstMission ImpossibleThe film wasn’t conceived as an initial franchise, but that’s exactly what it became. Now, nearly 30 years after the first installment hit theaters, Cruises Ethan Hunt is one of the definitive spies in cinematic history, and also Cruises’ primary vehicle for showcasing whatever dangerous stunts he can come up with.

Few franchises have continued to up the ante so well that people are truly looking forward to the seventh installment, and Hunt was instrumental in that as a spy who refuses to sacrifice his team, even when it could be for the greater good. .

1. James Bond

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Undoubtedly the greatest spy in cinematic history, James Bond is cool, stylish and a real badass. Some elements of Bond’s character might seem outdated in the 21st century (especially his relationships with women), but it’s hard to deny that James Bond has been the spy all other spies have been compared to in the 60 years since Sean Connery first took on the role.

Bond is such an iconic character that it’s a question of when, not if, a new Bond will be announced. It’s a cinematic institution with an almost unparalleled history, and that history is more than enough for Bond to take the top spot

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