Alibaba news roundup: How AI can fight earthquakes; P&G Greens supply chain

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This week, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing subsidiary is partnering with the China Institute of Geophysics to give China’s earthquake research a digital makeover.

In other news, Cainiao Group this week signed a cooperation agreement with consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G) to make supply chains greener.

Hot off the press, Chinas Giant Network Group and Alibaba Cloud signed a memorandum of cooperation on Friday to harness the power of artificial intelligence in games.

Alibaba Cloud gives earthquake research a digital makeover

Alibaba’s cloud computing subsidiary said it has partnered with the Institute of Geophysics under China’s Earthquake Administration to give China’s earthquake research a digital makeover.

The Hangzhou-based firm is helping the institute migrate its seismic data set to the cloud for more efficient data management. It also allows the institute’s seismologists to have secure access to datasets wherever they are.

The duo has formed a strategic partnership in areas including earthquake science, earthquake AI technology, model development and talent training, Alibaba Cloud said in a statement.

Leveraging Alibaba Clouds’ lead in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and the institute’s expertise in earthquake research, they will work on building digital solutions for earthquake mitigation and forecasting.

Between 1998 and 2017, earthquakes caused nearly 750,000 deaths globally, more than half of all deaths related to natural disasters, according to the World Health Organization. More than 125 million people were affected by earthquakes during the period, injured, made homeless or displaced during the disaster.

We hope to leverage Alibaba Clouds’ technology capabilities to facilitate innovations in geophysical research and help strengthen resilience to natural disasters as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, said Wang Weihua, head of public services department at Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud to help China’s giant network accelerate game development efficiency

Chinese group Giant Network and Alibaba Cloud signed a memorandum of cooperation on Friday to harness the power of artificial intelligence in game development.

Alibaba Cloud will provide support for cloud computing and its AI-powered solution, including its AI machine learning platform, to help Giant Network increase game development efficiency.

Generative AI and other foundational models are reducing application development time and putting powerful capabilities at the fingertips of non-technical users. LLM use cases in text, audio and video generation and 3D rendering can accelerate and improve online gaming and content production, according to online game analysts.

Earlier this month, Alibaba Cloud said Tongyi Qianwen has amassed more than 300,000 beta test requests since its launch in April.

Alibaba considers joining Ants Share Buyback

Alibaba is considering selling shares to Ant Group as part of its proposed buyback of its financial affiliates.

News of the buyback comes after Chinese regulators said they were normalizing oversight of the nation’s platform companies.

Ant, the operator of Alipay, has notified shareholders of a meeting to approve its proposed buyback of up to 7.6% of its stake, Alibaba said in an exchange filing. Alibaba holds a third stake in Ants.

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Cainiao partners with Proctor & Gamble to develop a green supply chain

Cainiao Group, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, this week signed a cooperation agreement with consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G) to create an AI-powered supply chain.

The partners aim to reduce transport costs and carbon emissions. They are implementing a fulfillment algorithm that can predict cargo demand and then consolidate cargo bound for the same address.

Cainiao is leveraging its technology to provide supply chain solutions and will help P&G upgrade its fulfillment services, said Shuai Yong, vice president of Cainiao Group, in a statement.

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Freshippo launches fully automated Supply Chain Center in Shanghai

Alibaba’s high-tech food company Freshippo said it has cut the ribbon on its largest supply chain hub to date.

Located in Shanghai, the nearly 1 million square foot center can process over 2.8 million items per day, a mix of local and globally sourced food products curated to satisfy China’s growing appetite for quality food products .

The grocery chain has formed sourcing partnerships with 33 retailers around the world so far this year and is setting up eight sourcing centers outside of China as part of the company’s streamlined supply chain.

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Hear Timeless Skin Care founder Veronica Pedersen talk about job creation

Timeless Skin Cares’ Chinese expansion creates jobs in Texas

Since Timeless Skin Care was founded, the Chinese beauty market has grown enormously, especially for the US companies’ hero product, hyaluronic acid serum. In a 2020 report, data provider MarketReseach projected a compound annual growth rate for hyaluronic acid across all sectors of 10.3%, or $436 million, between 2020 and 2026.

The success we’ve had partnering with Alibaba has been phenomenal, said founder Veronica Pedersen. Our partnership with Alibaba and the success we’ve seen in China have helped us hire more employees and open a new manufacturing facility.

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