Stable Doodle turns your silliest doodles into daunting AI art

From the creators of Stable Diffusion, Stable scribble is the company’s latest free text-in-image and image-in-image combination. It it takes your poor attempts at mouse-drawn images and converts them turn them into a more cohesive AI illustration. The service is free and users on Stability owned by the AI The Clipdrop platform can use the mouse (or a graphics tablet) to create simple black and white line art that can morph into a more interesting image in a variety of styles.

There are many AI systems that allow users to add an image along with a prompt while generating an AI output. Second AI stability, their system uses the XL diffusion stable model along with other adapter systems to add more input into the text-to-image generator. The company said that the Tencent ARC-licensed T2I adapter allows their regular system to understand sketch outlines and generate watermark-laden images based on that, as well as an additional text prompt.

A company used several examples, from a simple chair a a rougher drawing of a living room to show that AI is capable of interpreting both simplified and more complex drawings into more accomplished art. The company says this tool could be useful for designers or illustrators who want to free up valuable time and maximize efficiency.

As if they weren’t already worried that companies will be incentivized to cut jobs if a CEO thinks his lazy scrawl might pass for harmless, if not completely ineffective, proof of concept of interior design.

The Stable Doodle system still won’t work without the text prompt, and you can’t import your sketches scribbled on paper. Gizmodo has tried to challenge the system with both simple and more complicated instructions.

The system doesn’t work very well with complicated images. It can take a duck doodled on a lake and turn it into an AI artwork. Once you tell Doodle that the duck is smoking a cigarette, the AI ​​will put chunks of smoldering coal into its beak.

The AI ​​wasn't too keen on the placement of my tree trunk.

The AI ​​wasn’t too keen on the placement of my tree trunk.
Illustration: AI / Gizmodo stability

It’s also unclear how much AI it actually provides to interpret user-created images versus prompts. I drew an image of a tree surrounded by stumps, but included a small hollow on the main subject with a creature living inside. My Suggestion A tree in winter surrounded by tree trunks produced several well-crafted images, but regardless of style only about half of them included the hollow, and nobody tried to fit a small creature in there.

Stability AI mentioned that their system has limitations. The company wrote that Stable Doodle uses algorithms to analyze the outline of an image to generate a visually pleasing and consistent result, adding that the accuracy of the final images can vary depending on the complexity of the scene.

Stability AI has tried to distinguish itself from the ever-growing group of AI developers proclaiming themselves heralds of open source AI models. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other AI models designed to turn line art into art. Services like Fotor and Playform also advertise similar sketch-to-art services, albeit with varying degrees of cost and capabilities.

In closing a year since DALL-E and Stable Diffusion 1.0 took the web by storm, you’ve probably seen your most of the AI ​​art generators. You might think they are old hats at this point, nothing beats them highly capable cheating machines. Some newer models are still trying to innovate what came before, e.g along with the text on video, were starting to see more companies try and innovate with different use cases. Undoubtedly illustrators and designers are excited about artificial intelligence that can enliven terrible art into less terrible (although still extremely derivative) art.

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