PS5 Internet Problems: We Have Ready Fixes!

Especially in the cold and dark months of the year, for many people there is nothing better than relaxing on the sofa at home after a hard day’s work. In addition to chips, sweets and a cold drink, decent entertainment is also part of it. For many, game night in front of the home console is becoming more and more popular. Many living rooms in Germany use a PlayStation 5 for this purpose. This is quite understandable given the large selection of games. In addition to fun couch co-op games, you can also enjoy exciting single-player games. However, there is one thing that can ruin your gaming enjoyment on your console: a troubled internet connection. If you’re having internet issues with your PS5, it can have various causes. We want to give you some hints about what the whole thing can be like.

PS5 Internet Problems: Without Internet (almost) nothing works

Old-time gamers can certainly still remember the times when game consoles unfolded their full range of performance even without an Internet connection. SNES, NES, N64, PlayStation 1 and 2 – all these iconic gaming grenades got along without the World Wide Web. All you needed to play was a console, a controller, a TV and the right game. Nowadays, however, an internet connection is almost a must. This not only applies to PCs, but also to current consoles such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Therefore, it not only allows you to download games in digital format. Furthermore, you can also use the internet to play your favorite game over long distances with friends or even strangers. Some games, such as the Souls series, even tie important game features to an existing Internet connection.

ps5 internet problem
With older consoles, internet issues don’t cloud the enjoyment of the game.

At least in theory, however, it is possible to operate a current console without the Internet. The prerequisite is that you have the corresponding game as a physical data medium. If you don’t have a BluRay, but only a digital version of the game, you can also start it from your PS5’s internal or external hard drive. However, don’t just be aware that the lack of internet will put a damper on features like multiplayer. Also, important updates and patches are not installed. In times where Day One patches often contain several gigabytes of data, this can mean a significant loss of gaming enjoyment.

An active internet connection is especially important if you don’t own the disc, but the digital edition of the PlayStation 5. As the name suggests, this comes without a drive. Instead, it relies on its internal SSD, which is supposed to provide storage for your games. But how do games find their way into flash memory? Via the Internet, of course. So imagine finally getting hold of a PS5 Digital Edition after a long time and noticing that it refuses to connect to the internet when you start it up. Even if the PS5 download is slow, this will dampen the enjoyment of the game a lot. The frustration of an avid gamer couldn’t be greater. But despair is not appropriate at this point. We give you tips that can fix PS5 internet problems.

Is it the internet?

If your PS5 is having internet issues, the number one source of error is obviously your home internet. If this doesn’t work properly or at all, then of course the game console also cannot establish an internet connection. This can be expressed in different characters. For example, if you download a new game, an extremely slow download speed can be a clear sign of PS5 issues or internet problems. You can be sure if your PS5 tells you it can’t connect to the internet on startup. To check if the internet is to blame, you should simply try visiting the World Wide Web with other devices. If this doesn’t work with your smartphone, PC and Smart TV, you can rest assured that there is an internet problem.

ps5 internet problem
Internet problems can ruin the enjoyment of your game night.

There can be many reasons for this. For example, is there construction work currently taking place on your street? Particularly during civil engineering work, damaged internet cables can occur from time to time. In this case, it is best to contact your provider. They will (hopefully) quickly find a solution. Also, if your PS5 download is slow, you can find out if it’s due to the internet. Just grab another device and run a speed test. One provider in this area is the website Here both the down and upload speeds of your line are checked. Does the result not match the speed of your rate? Then you should also contact your provider.

Problems on PlayStation Network (PSN)

If your PS5 is having internet issues, this can also be due to the PSN. This is Sony’s internal server structure. Unfortunately, the PSN has come under criticism from time to time in recent years. The reason for the annoyance of many users is the unreliability of the network. It is not uncommon for slow connections or even a complete system failure to occur. Of course, PS5 users feel the consequences right away. Game downloads are noticeably slower or even stop completely. Also, you can no longer play online. This can really spoil the enjoyment of the game. You can find out directly from Sony if the PS5 is having internet problems due to the PSN.

The Japanese tech company is apparently aware of regular PS5 issues. Therefore, some time ago they launched a special website through which you can see the status of the network. It is particularly evident that the PSN has problems during peak hours. For example, if a new AAA title has just been released that comes with a big Day One patch, you can rest assured that the network will be a bit overloaded. The same applies to classic game times such as Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings. While peak times may not cause PSN disruption. However, you will notice that attributes like download speed and ping can be significantly lower.

Problems with the Wi-Fi router

Of course, hardware difficulties can also be responsible for your PS5 internet problems. The focus should be on your router. The game console from Sony can optionally connect wirelessly via 2.4 or 5.0 GHz radio signal. It is also possible to establish a classic LAN connection via cable. It is certain that you will always get a more stable wired connection. This is especially true when many devices in the house are connected to your WLAN. So, if the PS5 is close to your router anyway, you should connect it with a LAN cable. It doesn’t matter if it’s wireless or wired – your router can also get in the way and cause the PS5 internet problems.

You shouldn’t just check the PS5 itself to see if that’s the case. You should also take a look at your family’s other devices. If they also have a slow or heavily noisy internet connection, your router could be to blame. You can play it safe if your provider assures you that the desired Internet performance is available in your household. A classic case of slow internet connection is the age of the router. If you have a router that is several years old, it may simply not be able to deliver the performance it receives from the provider over fiber optic or DSL cable.

ps5 internet problem
The Asus ROG Strix GS-AX3000 gaming router advertises compatibility with the PS5. (Image credit: ASUS ROG Strix)

Only 179.90 on Amazon

Anyone who has received a rental device from their provider should ask them to send in a current router. After all, you as a user also want to receive the Internet service that you pay for each month. However, you should be aware that the usual providers often don’t offer “high-end routers”. Ambitious gamers who require the most stable WLAN possible should therefore look for a suitable WLAN router for themselves. Resellers now offer custom gaming routers that not only deliver fast wired speeds. They also have powerful antennas that ensure stable WLAN. Anyone who regularly gambles online, connects their console via WLAN and downloads a lot of games should definitely consider buying one.

Change wireless connection

As already mentioned, the PS5 connects to your WLAN via the 2.4 or 5.0 GHz frequency. From the factory, the console automatically decides whether to choose one or the other. If you notice that the wireless connection is unstable, Sony’s home console settings can help you a little. Here you can decide which wireless connection is used. To do this, go to the console system settings. You can find them in the upper right corner of the screen (gear wheel).

Now select the “Network” tab and click “Set up an Internet connection”. Now press the radio button of your DualSense controller. Select the item “WiFi frequency bands”. Change the setting from “Automatic” to 2.4GHz. If nothing improves, switch to 5.0GHz once. If this doesn’t fix your PS5 WLAN issues, a full router restart may be advisable. Leave it off for a minute.

Use another WLAN

If your router is buggy, it can really dampen your spirits on a Saturday night. After all, nowadays nothing works without the Internet. Whether it’s music streaming, video streaming, or just sane PS5 play, in terms of entertainment, you’re unceremoniously thrust into the past a few decades. You may be able to make it on your own with an engaging book or with multiple people and a fun board game. But what if you have a LAN party scheduled many weeks in advance? Then there’s really only one thing you can do: hope for spontaneous support from your neighbor. Simply invite them to your game session and ask for the WLAN password in return.

Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone’s mobile data. Simply set up a hotspot and connect your PlayStation to it. However, you should only do this if you have a contract with decent data volume. Otherwise, the remaining gigabytes will virtually dissolve, especially during longer sessions. Should you have internet problems with the PS5 that can be traced back to your router, a charitable omen from your neighborhood is therefore more advisable.

Reset PS5

If all else fails, you may need a PlayStation 5 reset. After all, chances are Sony’s home console no longer causes internet connection problems when it’s out of the box.

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