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The survival game genre tends to produce a lot of surprise hits. Whether it’s how fun they are to play with friends, the high stakes of their gameplay or the creativity they unleash, games like Minecraft, Rust, AND Valheim are some of the most popular titles of recent years. It’s clear that Wrapped upan upcoming Steam Early Access survival title from Keen Games, wants to be next in line.

Enshrouded – Building and terraforming game

Impossible to predict if Wrapped up will be the game that follows BattleBit remastered AND Dave the Diver in its virality on Steam, but it could be in the cards. A first hands-on look has indicated that the game is adopting elements from all of the genre’s biggest hits, which could make it appealing enough to become a huge hit. It’s essentially a melting pot of ideas from the best games in the business with survival elements, but still able to maintain a distinct identity in the process.

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My hands-on demo of Wrapped up he was a developer with a closed book showing a farm they built with the game’s creation tools. The more realistic aspect of the game reminds Valheim OR Rustbut its construction is more like Minecraft. It is voxel based which essentially means that every voxel can be added to or removed from a building like Minecraft. It doesn’t rely on realistic physics systems, so players don’t have to worry about their builds tipping over during construction.

That voxel-based item modification has implications elsewhere in the game as well, as most of the environment is fully terraformable. Need to go through a wall? You can break through it with a strong enough pickaxe. Need to climb a cliff? Dig some ladders and go up. Wrapped up building and terraforming are taking all the right cues from Minecraft but don’t look like a direct copy with its more realistic aesthetic. While those gameplay elements lean more towards Minecraftthe adventure and survival aspects of the game feel a little more similar Valheim.

A player sits at a campfire in Enshrouded.
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Players won’t have to contend with a constantly draining health meter; Pleases Valheim, the main purpose of food is to provide timed buffs to improve the player’s stats and skills. To obtain resources, players will have to venture out into the world, sometimes guided by quests. Fighting regular enemies and bosses is frequent. Wrapped up prioritizes dodging and parrying enemy attacks over all-out offense, and often rewards successful encounters with a new, more powerful weapon or piece of armor. Players will need to be careful how long they spend in these enemy-filled areas, as they are sometimes filled with a thick fog that will kill players if they stay there too long.

Overall, Valheim gamers will likely enjoy the more hardcore sense of exploration and combat elements of Wrapped upWhile Minecraft players will enjoy building and terraforming. The inspirations from other games don’t stop there. Players can find specialists and build rooms for them at their base, such as Terrarium. There’s also a glider, dungeon-crawling, and stamina meter for you to climb and run like The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath AND Kingdom tears.

What I have yet to see is how multiplayer works, which seems to have nuances Valheim OR Rust. Players choose to play together or independently and must deal with the impact others leave on parts of Wrapped up world. It also features expanded versions of the skill system and multiplayer capabilities of Portal Knightsthe previous title developed by Keen Games.

A Shrouded player faces a boss.
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In many ways, this makes Wrapped up sounds a bit derivative. In a way it is, so don’t come to this game if you are looking for a completely original idea. However, by serving as a melting pot of the survival crafting genre’s best mechanics, Keen Games seems to have been able to blend it all together to create a game that stands out as a fusion of ideas. Because it seems to extract the best elements from the greatest games in the genre, it could actually become the next best-selling survival crafting game.

Wrapped up will launch in early access later in 2023, at which time Keen Games plans to keep it for about a year.

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