Get Ready For iOS 17’s Cool New StandBy Mode With Up To 30% Off These Cool Stands

Apple revealed iOS 17, the software update aimed at most modern iPhones this fall, last month at WWDC. One of the highlights was a new feature called StandBy Mode, which effectively turns your iPhone into a smart screen when you plug it into a MagSafe mount and flip it into landscape mode. It’s one of the coolest features coming to your iPhone in September, but you won’t be able to use it without a stand.

Luckily, there are Amazon Prime Day deals available right now that can get you a StandBy mode-compatible stand for as low as $32. We’ve picked the three best deals out there, and you’ll want to pick one to get ready for iOS 17’s imminent debut.

Nomad Stand and Stand One

Nomad’s Stand comes in two different varieties: one MagSafe certified and one MagSafe compatible. This just means that Nomad is giving you the choice of whether you want to pay the price of Apple’s MagSafe certification. Since both versions contain a set of MagSafe-compatible magnets, they will both work perfectly with StandBy mode on iOS 17. The Stand offers 7.5W wireless charging, while the Stand One maxes out at 15W, which helps. to explain the price difference. Black and white colors are available, but keep in mind that Stand One (MagSafe certified) is sold out at the time of writing. That said. if you like sleek hardware, the regular stand won’t let you down.


Nomad stand

$56 $80 Save $24

The Nomad Stand is a MagSafe compatible wireless charger that has a sleek look and a modern design. Charges your iPhone at 7.5W and is Qi compatible. Thanks to the Nomad Anniversary Sale, this amazing stand is now 30% off.

Anker wireless charging stand

Anker’s PowerWave Magnetic Stand Lite is an easy way to put your iPhone into StandBy mode without hurting your wallet. It is MagSafe compatible and also has another Qi wireless charger for your AirPods or other devices. The PowerWave stand can charge your iPhone at 7.5W and your AirPods at 5W. With an iPhone magnetically attached to the Anker stand, all you need to do is rotate the phone to landscape orientation to activate StandBy mode. Additionally, the stand is powered by a detachable USB-C cable that can be easily swapped out or replaced if damaged. Prime Day deals reduce the price of PowerWave Stand by 20% and is the most reliable way to get StandBy mode compatibility on a budget.

New Project-29

Anker wireless charging stand

$32 $40 Save $8

Anker’s PowerWave wireless charging stand is compatible with any iPhone or AirPods with MagSafe. There’s a circular MagSafe ring to prop up your iPhone and charge it at 7.5W, while a small cradle at the base of the stand charges your AirPods at 5W. It’s now 20% off for Prime Day.

ESR 3-in-1 MagSafe Charging Stand

This charging stand from ESR does it all, giving you StandBy mode support while charging three products simultaneously. It will simultaneously charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch and only take up one USB-C port or outlet to do so. This stand’s secret weapon is the Apple Watch Charger, which is detachable and functions as a portable Apple Watch charging puck that you can use with any USB-C port. Since it powers all your devices, it’s great for people who want to use StandBy mode on their nightstands. While typically on the pricier side, this booth is 27% off Prime Day in a limited-time deal.

ESR charging stand

ESR 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger Mount (HaloLock)

$56 $77 Save $21

ESR’s 3-in-1 charging stand uses the HaloLock connection system, which works with MagSafe. This stand can wirelessly charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, all at the same time. Additionally, the included Apple Watch charger is detachable and terminates in USB-C.

Standby mode isn’t available yet, unless you’re running a beta version of iOS 17, and most of us will have to wait until fall to use it. However, if you miss the Prime Day StandBy deals now, you won’t see prices drop to this level again until Black Friday. It’s been months since the release of iOS 17 from early to mid-September, so you should take advantage of these great StandBy media while they’re still here. You can also invest in other chargers or power banks during Prime Day.

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