Dallas-based Velvet Taco launches “first” AI-powered chatGPTaco

If AI can design a taco, what canNotDo?

While some experts worried about the threat of human extinction from AI, Dallas-based Velvet Taco embraced the potential of ChatGPT-4 to do something even more formidable: come up with a tasty taco idea.

The upshot: The fast-casual restaurant chain today launched its new “GPTaco Chat” as part of its weekly taco feature.

Velvet Taco ChatGPTaco board. [Photo: Velvet Taco]

Available through July 25, the taco was brought to life through the Generative AI platform with guidance from Culinary Director and Velvet Taco Chef Venecia Willis. The potential taco recipe was limited only by the chain’s “proprietary taco formula and ingredients list.”

So what did ChatGPT-4 invent? “The first AI-generated taco” made with flank steak, blackened shrimp, red pepper aioli, chimichurri, crispy potatoes, grilled onion, queso fresco, jalapeo, and cilantro. All wrapped up in a corn tortilla.

“Using GPT Chat’s software for a recipe piqued my interest and I was pleasantly surprised with the combinations it created,” Willis said in a statement. “I believe chefs can embrace technology to enhance our menu design process and use it as a tool to support the creative elements that go into producing and executing a cohesive menu item

‘offer the unexpected’

CEO Clay Dover added that “Velvet Taco is all about breaking down barriers and delivering the unexpected.”

“We want our entire hometown to know about ChatGPTaco and we make sure they get a chance to visit one of our restaurants and give it a try,” Dover said. “The ChatGPTaco represents the marriage of food, technology and creativity in a way I have never seen before in the restaurant space. We were really excited.

Billboards promoting the $6.25 AI-generated taco are popping up in the Dallas area, and the ads are also spreading the word in local radio spots.

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