Avenge your Windows Phone: Get the discounted Google Pixel 7 and make it better with Microsoft apps

I still miss my windows phones. Well, I still have them (they’re in a drawer), but they hardly provide experiences as great or modern as smartphones. I’ve long switched to Android, but I’ve never forgotten it. Many Microsoft apps help. If you’re still bitter about the end of the much-needed third smartphone ecosystem, you might be able to ease the pain and get a great new phone at the same time. The Google Pixel 7 is on sale for just $500 on Amazon and is prime real estate for all the Microsoft apps we love and use.

This is an unlocked Google Pixel 7 which should work with all major mobile carriers. It has 128GB of storage and comes in three colors (black, white, and light green). The standard Pixel 7 is already considered excellent value at its full $600 retail price, so shaving the extra $100 feels great. If you want extra storage, you can also get the 256GB Pixel 7 model for $600, which is still $100 off the full price. To save even more, you can activate your new Pixel 7 with Best Buy and get another $100 taken off the model of your choice.

Why I recommend this deal

Google has built a whole ecosystem that it wants you to use, or you could just use Microsoft’s apps and services. (Image credit: Google)

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