At these Prime Day prices, these Asus ROG Ally/Steam Deck accessories are a must

If you’ve bought an Asus ROG Ally or a Steam Deck, you’re probably wondering what you should buy next. There are many options to choose from, and as someone who has both, there are a couple of essentials you can get for sure.

First, the first thing you should probably do is get more storage space. Many games that can be run on these devices (particularly ROG Ally) can take up almost 100GB of storage, which means that even with the maximum capacity available on both of these devices, you’re looking to take up 20% of your storage with a game. You can swap out the SSD in the Asus ROG Ally or Steam Deck pretty easily, and I upgraded my Ally’s SSD to use the 1TB Corsair MP600 Mini.

If, however, you want to go a little more simplistic by adding more storage, you can simply grab a microSD card and insert it into either device. It works well and is almost as fast, so you won’t get too lost if you choose to go this route instead.

  • Sandisk 1TB microSD card on a transparent background.

    SanDisk Extreme microSD card

    $96 $108 Save $12

    Storing Windows 11-compatible games takes up a lot of space, so add up to 1TB of storage to ROG Ally with this microSD card from SanDisk. That way all you have to think about is what to play next.

  • SanDisk_Extreme_Pro__1_-removebg-preview

    SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD card

    $29 $34 Save $5

    This professional-grade SD card is built to withstand harsh conditions and delivers high-speed performance for photographers and videographers.

  • Samsung EVO Select 64GB MicroSD

    Source: Samsung

    Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD

    $7 $11 Save $4

    The base model of the Fire 7 packs just 16GB of internal storage, which isn’t enough if you plan on installing a lot of apps and media. Thankfully, the tablet supports microSD card expansion, so adding more storage is easy. This 64GB Samsung EVO microSD card should give you plenty of room to store your photos, videos, documents, and apps.

A dock is one of the best accessories I’ve ever had

A Steam Deck connected to a JSAUX Docking Station

Source: JSAUX

JSAUX steam deck dock

$32 $40 Save $8

If you’re looking for something more convenient, JSAUX’s Steam Deck dock gives you multiple USB outputs, an HDMI port, Ethernet, and full-speed charging support for your console. For our money, it’s probably the best Steam Deck Dock you can get.

Both the Asus ROG Ally and the Steam Deck can be docked, and the JSAUX 6-in-1 dock I bought is one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent years. I can dock both of these devices and add an ethernet connection (great for downloading big games), plug in USB devices, and even stream the display to a monitor. This means that I can use both of these devices (particularly the ROG Ally) just as I would a gaming laptop if I carry a mouse and keyboard with me, which is a surprisingly powerful feature.

I swear by this dock, and it’s one of the best buys I’ve made for my deck. It works completely seamlessly with ROG Ally as well, as the cable can reach the USB-C port without any problems. It also recharges with a USB-PD compliant charger, meaning there’s no reason not to pick it up if you’ve got an ally.

A wireless controller for playing on the sofa

Xbox Wireless Controllers

Xbox Wireless Controllers

$47 $60 Save $13

The Xbox Wireless Controller shares the same button layout as the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, making it the perfect external controller to use natively over Bluetooth. It also comes in multiple colors and is quite comfortable.

If you have a dock that you use to cast the Deck or Ally to your TV, you’ll also need a controller to play your favorite games; preferably wirelessly. Thankfully, both of these devices support a wide range of controllers, and I actually use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller with my Steam Deck. However, you can’t go wrong with just picking up an Xbox controller.

Keep playing all day with a power bank

Anker 737 Power Bank on transparent background.

Anker 737 charger

$100 $150 Save $50

This set won’t provide the recommended power for the Core i7 Surface Laptop Studio, but if you have a Core i5 model, it can keep it charged both at home and on the go with the included power bank.

With great power comes great power consumption, and both of these devices can die pretty quickly if you’re playing intensive games. That’s why a power bank is a great idea, and the Anker 737 Power Bank is probably one of the best power bank deals this Prime Day.

Protect your handheld with a case

asus rog ally travel case

Source: ASUS

Asus ROG Ally travel case

Original travel cases are guaranteed to fit your expensive handheld console correctly. The PU cover is water repellent, has a holographic ROG logo and is fleece lined to limit scratches.

The Steam Deck comes with a carrying case, so it’s not that important, but the Asus ROG Ally has nothing like that in the box. That’s why buying one separately is a must, and luckily, Asus has an official one you can pick up.

There is so much to choose from

With the Asus ROG Ally and the Steam Deck as bona fide PCs, there’s a lot you can do to make them even better. A power bank is a must for anyone who travels, and a dock has been the best purchase I’ve made for mine.

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