Artificial Intelligence Roundtable Topic Coming to SandBox at Sand City

The UC Santa Cruz Center for Applied Values ​​and Ethics in Advancing Technologies together with the California Arts and Sciences Institute will hold a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence on July 28 in Sand City. (CASES)

SAND CITY Artificial Intelligence, its advances and concerns about the risks associated with its use, will be the topic of discussion at a community education and fundraising event for a scholarship program for young college students .

UC Santa Cruzs Center for Applied Values ​​and Ethics in Advancing Technologies and the California Arts and Sciences Institute will present Artificial Intelligence: A World of Possibilities and Perils, a panel discussion featuring representatives from the arts, sciences, ethics and economics.

The event will be held at the SandBox, 440 Ortiz Ave., B, in Sand City on July 28 with doors opening at 4:30 p.m. and will run until 6:30 p.m. providing time for panel discussion and a reception afterward . This event marks the first in a series covering multiple aspects of the impact of AI across industries.

The Center for Applied Values ​​and Ethics in Advancing Technologies is an interdisciplinary center at Crown College, UC Santa Cruz with two locations, one on the UCSC main campus and the other at UC Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center in Marina, where both carry out cutting-edge research and host international conferences and workshops.

California Arts and Sciences Institute President C. Michael Hogan said this discussion is important because the topic of artificial intelligence is in the news and people are forming opinions about it superficially, but the real issues are much deeper.

The roundtable will focus on the advances and pressing concerns of Artificial Intelligence, along with which innovations could revolutionize people’s lives and which emerging risks deserve people’s immediate attention.

Founding Director of the Center for Applied Values ​​and Ethics at Crown College, UC Santa Cruz, Linda MacDonald Glenn, will give a welcome introduction to the panel discussion, and Edward King, a nationally syndicated radio host, will moderate the panel of distinguished guests. The group includes Jennifer Perlmutter, an internationally recognized artist who will represent the Central Coasts creative community on issues related to intellectual property and artists’ livelihoods, Professor Francois Melese, professor emeritus of economics, who will shed light on the costs and on the benefits of artificial intelligences, including increased productivity and work disruption, Tom Atchison, an early pioneer in the development of AI, will provide insights into the various forms of AI technology. Hogan, a leading authority on US energy policy, will examine the potential downside of AI’s energy consumption and critical aspects of its accuracy.

Hogan pointed out that because AI selects information from the internet, real or otherwise, to answer simple questions it asked, it found that it is inaccurate about 80% of the time.

The roundtable on Artificial Intelligence: A World of Possibilities and Dangers is the first of many talks planned with future presentations featuring experts who will delve into the impact of Artificial Intelligence on different fields such as cinema, journalism and both the non profit that profit companies.

Proceeds from the series will fund a scholarship program, said Hogan, who added, “Our core mission is to inspire young people.”

A wine and cheese reception with live music provided by cellist Michelle Djokic will follow the panel discussion and provide an opportunity for attendees to meet the speakers.

Hogan said the exclusive event only has 104 tickets available which can be purchased in advance for $30 per person at The event can also be live streamed for free by making that selection on the tickets page.

Tickets purchased are tax deductible and can alternatively be obtained by becoming a member of the California Arts and Sciences Institute. Go to for more information.

The Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence: A World of Possibilities and Dangers is sponsored by SNIP, Rene Romero Schuler, UC Santa Cruz, Bernardus Winery and House of 8 Media.

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