Practice: The Winbot W1 Pro window cleaner is a new kind of bot, but it’s not for everyone

Who would have thought that at a time when the general public seems to have accepted robotic vacuum cleaners and mops, we would also see window cleaning robots emerge? Winbot W1 Pro is one such bot and it fits perfectly into a specific niche.


Basically, Winbot W1 Pro is a cleaning robot that goes through windows instead of carpets or hard floors.

Using 2,800 Pa of suction created by a powerful little fan, the Winbot W1 Pro is capable of trampling glass windows, cleaning them in the same way a robot vacuum would make its rounds on the floor. Two sets of treaded tires are found on each side, which use exceptionally grippy tracks for gliding.

Instead of a cleaning cloth, the bottom of the W1 Pro features a cleaning cloth, which comes off easily. To be effective, that cloth must be wet. This is where the two spray nozzles at the front of the W1 Pro come into play which are supplied by a 60ml tank. During a cleaning path, the W1 Pro will spray glass as it traverses vertical terrain.

The W1 Pro could have taken on a utilitarian look, with the concept being as cool as it gets. Of course, Ecovacs went for a cool look with a white casing and leather strap for easy picking and placing. While the W1 Pro looks incredibly out of place attached to a window and roaming around, it looks great doing it.

In practice, the W1 Pro works great. Once connected to your home network and ready to use, it simply needs to be plugged in and plugged in. The robot itself has a battery, but that’s more insurance than anything else. If the W1 Pro completely loses power, it falls off the wall and onto the ground. With battery backup, the only way this happens is if the power supply cuts out and it sits in a window screaming for help for way too long 30 minutes, to be exact. The power cord and cord are safety mechanisms, which is more than welcome.


The best feature, in my opinion, is the Winbot W1 Pro’s launch mechanism. Without using the app, you can initiate a quick clean by pressing the robot against the wall. Once this has been detected, the vacuum fan will start and start the cleaning process. Is simple.

Of course, Ecovacs has loaded the app with tons of features and modes if you’re looking to get technical. There are three cleaning modes: quick cleaning, deep cleaning and spot cleaning. The former two use a U-shaped path, while the spot cleaning mode makes a familiar back-and-forth motion.

Much like a traditional robot vacuum, the W1 Pro gets its rounds effectively and will easily clean every window you slap it on. With just water, the microfiber cloth takes care of tough window prints with a little more effort than it takes to adhere to a 90-degree surface.

My only complaint is how loud the W1 Pro spins at. It’s much louder than Ecovac’s Deebot X1 Omni or T20 Omni, which aren’t exactly quiet. Of course it only works for a few minutes, max.

Another missing feature is the Google Home integration. It would be nice to see pause/start commands available through Google Assistant after placing it on a window, but that functionality isn’t there. Otherwise, the Ecovacs app has the same user-friendly experience available once the W1 Pro is powered on and placed on the wall. You can even use a remote control function to manually steer the robot and spray certain spots.

Who is the W1 Pro for?

The W1 Pro solves a problem that has a certain niche of people, which is having windows so large that cleaning them is a hassle. For those with windows no taller than a single story, the W1 Pro probably won’t be necessary. Of course, if you have larger windows that don’t get much attention due to limited ease, the W1 Pro might just be your best friend.

To test its limitations against larger windows, I tested the W1 Pro on standard panels about a meter wide. At that size, the W1 Pro does a great job, but the process of wearing the robot, watching it find boundaries, and making its rounds is far more challenging than simply spraying a cloth and wiping it off.

In reality, the W1 Pro is meant for larger windows allowing just enough access to place the W1 Pro and let it do its thing. If this fits your situation, I truly think the W1 Pro is a great product that shines in all the right places. It cleans well and looks good but it’s also terrifying to do it.

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