Google Pixel Fold and Tablet join the cutting edge with Android 14 Beta 4

Android 14 Beta 4 is available today for eligible Pixel devices. For people who track the development cycle, this is the last expected major release before it hits the stable milestone and is ready for the masses. This latest version also picks up support for the all-new Pixel Fold as well as the Pixel Tablet, meaning it’s app developers’ last chance to fine-tune those toes before the release of Android 14.

As usual, Google hasn’t announced any new additions to Android 14 in this build other than what we already know. As this is the second release of “Platform Stability”, developers are advised to start final compatibility tests for apps, APIs, SDKs, and libraries, and release compatible app versions knowing that Android 14 will not change from now on. until the public launch.

Android 14 beta history, featuring Beat 4

While the Mountain View giant has generally been past the point of major changes this late in the game, there is one little thing of note: a space-themed Easter egg! To activate it, open Settings > About the phone > Android version and repeatedly tap the Android version section until you see the Android 14 logo floating in space. At this point, press and hold on the logo for a while and you should be able to see the stars whiz by. It will eventually end up with an elegant space flight simulation.

The new version has a build number of UPB4.230623.005 and a Google Play Services version 23.18.18, accompanied by the July 2023 Android security patch level. As usual, the company has posted a long list of bug fixes, which can be found below:

If you’re really curious to see what all the hype about Android 14 is all about, it might be worth jumping on the beta bandwagon, otherwise it’s only a few weeks before this year’s big update is ready for everyone. However, any Pixel phone already enrolled in the beta program should receive an incremental OTA update. Even if it doesn’t work, there is always the manual method to download the factory images and transfer the OTA.

Source: Android Developer Blog, Android Beta Program on Reddit

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