CASETiFY Partners with Evangelion to Launch New Collection of Unit 01 Cases for iPhone 14, NERV MagSafe Charger, More

CASETiFY today announces a collection of Apple accessories I never thought I’d get. In what has to be one of its best collaborations yet, the new CASETiFY Evangelion range is packed with themed cases that let you deck out your iPhone 14 with Eva Unit designs, plus MagSafe charging stands, new AirPods covers and much more. other.

CASETiFY brings Evangelion mecha designs to your iPhone 14

Entitled the PROJECT-CSTF collection, the latest CASETiFY collaboration draws on one of the most popular anime series around. Scratch it, one of the most popular franchise periods. There have been themed Schtick razors, Tamagotchi, and even bullet trains representing Evangelion, and now you can add iPhone cases to the list.

Offering themes on all things Shinji Ikari, NERV, and Toyko-3, the latest collaboration is one of the most extensive yet. Since this is CASETiFY, let’s start with the iPhone 14 cases. This time around, all the usual form factors are getting lots of new designs.

However, cases really do give us so much more than foundations. There are styles for each of the pilots, including Shinji, Asuka and Rei, but also their corresponding Eva units and so much more. That would have been enough for most fans of the series, but you’ll also find a few NERV models and a case for each of Seele’s mysterious members. The variety here is downright lovely, and even gives the Angles some love with CASETiFY’s exclusive Puffy case.

CASETiFY has gone all out in its latest collaborations to be known for more than just iPhone cases, and its new Evangelion collection is doing the best job so far of bringing that idea home. Easily one of my favorite additions to the range has to be the brand’s latest AirPods Pro cover. The accessory wraps your earphones in an Eva Unit 1 design that is already awesome in itself. But lift the back of your head to remove the AirPods, and you’ll find that CASETiFY has included a second cover that’s perfectly themed as the series’ Entry Plug.

It’s just too good and some next level themes. Honestly, it might be a little unfair how good this AirPods cover is. There’s just the right amount of inspiration from the source material, as well as the perfect mix of silly and practical designs.

CASETiFY is also launching a new MagSafe dock as part of the Evangelion collection which is frankly one of the coolest accessories I’ve ever seen for the iPhone, period. Inspired by one of the coat cages at NERV headquarters, the holder practically transforms your smartphone into an Eva unit. It has one of the most detailed builds I’ve ever seen from an accessory, with the company even going as far as turning the built-in MagSafe charger into one of the umbilical cord connectors.

I won’t spoil too much from my full review, but I love how well made the MagSafe stand is, as well as how well it performs on the subject. Though the best part is that it supports Apple’s StandBy mode, so I won’t even have to choose between having an expertly themed iPhone dock and a full-featured one.

CASETiFY’s latest collection will be launched on July 20th

The new CASETiFY Evangelion collection will officially hit store shelves later this month on July 20th. Though early, you can go to the official online store and put your name on the waitlist to get early access to the lineup.

As usual with these limited edition collaborations, once the cases sell out, they’re gone. So if any of CASETiFY’s new Evangelion accessories catch your eye, you’d better make sure you have priority access locked in and be ready to launch later in the month. We’re hoping to get our hands on some of the accessories before launch day, so stay tuned for a review of what the company has in store for fans this time around. Otherwise, you can just check out everything on the landing page on the CASETiFY official website.

9to5Toys Take

It seems that every time CASETiFY returns with another collaboration, the company surpasses previous releases. Last time I checked in with the brand, I was getting poetic about its Spider-Man series, and before that the covers of The Mandalorian. Putting them both to shame, at least in my eyes, the brand is now out with its most cohesive collection yet.

I was sent the press material for this training last week and have been practically vibrating with excitement ever since. Evangelion is one of my all time favorite media and getting a collection of houses from CASETiFY seems a little too perfect. Especially with how good the whole assortment turned out.

I have never seen a brand understand the task as well as CASETiFY did this time. Whoever behind the scenes was in charge of designing the collaboration accomplished in ways I could only have dreamed of. The new CASETiFY Evangelion collection not only offers the basics, but goes above and beyond to offer cases for the casual viewer of mecha anime, but also for hardcore fans like me. I would have been happy with just a few covers for each of the Eva Units and their respective pilots, but they were getting so much more.

The company sent out some of the new releases and I was over the moon to be able to check them out ahead of time. The full review will come later this month on July 20 when the CASETiFY Evangelion Collection officially goes on sale.

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