Leading global companies involved in the drug discovery and development market| Business Outlook, Critical Insights, Opportunities, Regional Overview, Business Strategies & Industry Size Forecast to 2030 | JSR Corporation (Crown Bioscience), Chemical Computing Group ULC

Increasing Demand of Drug Discovery and Development Market Overview 2023-2030: The latest version of WMR titled New market for drug discovery and development Research Report 2023-2030 (By Product Type, End User/Application, and Regions/Countries) provides in-depth assessment of Drug Discovery and Development including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers , challenges, regulatory policies, profiles and … Read more

MIT AI learns molecular language for rapid materials development and drug discovery

MIT-Watson AI Labs’ new AI system dramatically simplifies drug and material discovery by accurately predicting molecular properties with minimal data. The system takes advantage of a molecular grammar learned through reinforcement learning to efficiently generate new molecules. This method has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness even with datasets of less than 100 samples. This AI system needs … Read more

Causaly, an AI platform for drug discovery and biomedical research, raises $60 million

Image credits: Akio Kon/Bloomberg/Getty Images Artificial intelligence has been a major theme in the world of health and medical research, and particularly in the area of ​​drug discovery. Today, another hopeful in space announces a funding round to expand its contribution to the field. Causaly, a London startup that has built an AI platform to … Read more